Performer. Producer. Choreographer. Educator. Researcher. Writer. Activist.

Christina Sears-Etter, MFA, is an arts professional with experience in dance, theatre, opera and many dance genres, including ballet, modern, tap, jazz, ethnic forms, improvisational performance and site-specific work. She is also a Somatics practitioner, graduating from the East West Shin Somatics Institute, a researcher, writer and activist.

Raised in Indiana, North Carolina and New York, Christina has had company affiliations in New York and England, and has performed, choreographed and presented work widely in USA and internationally. Serving as Artistic Director of the People Dancing Company since 2000, Christina currently teaches in  higher education at the School of Music and Dance at Eastern Michigan University.

She earned a BA from University of Michigan, with a major in Dance and minor in Creative Writing, and obtained a MFA degree from State University of New York: College at Brockport. While at Brockport, Christina performed in Faculty and student works and had the honor of dancing with Michou Szabo at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC, as well as presenting research at Scholar’s Day and Congress on Research in Dance. Additionally she danced for Randy James and began crafting dances for the camera, in upstate New York. Recently her “Paradigm Shift,” a dance-video installation was shown at the 555 Gallery’s “Eye on the D” exhibition. The show was adjudicated and organized by Women’s Caucus for Art.

She is working or has worked in a lecturer or visiting professor capacity in many Dance, Music and Theatre programs such as the Maggie Allesee Department of Theatre and Dance at Wayne State University, Detroit MI.  Christina has also taught at Hillsdale College in Hillsdale, MI, the University of Michigan in Flint, MI, and Towson University in Baltimore, MD. She has choreographed extensively for musicals and operas.Her workshops and Master Classes have been featured at East West Somatics Institute programs, American College Dance Festival, and private studios. She is a Faculty Member at Arts in Motion Dance Studio, and teaches for Ann Arbor Public Schools Recreation and Education Department.

Quotes about Christina

“Through my involvement in many ( People Dancing) events, I have seen Christina Sears Etter’s commitment to professionalism and the art of dance.” Sherry Jerome Wilkinson, Eastern Michigan University Professor of Dance.

“Christina is extraordinarily generous, warm and personable. She is a team player and words with integrity, vitality and intelligence in all her endeavors.” Jessica Kimlat Fogel, University of Michigan Professor of Dance.

"(her) Methodology is appropriate for our gifted students as well as our challenged learners. The (teacher’s) efficient use of resources to deliver this class impressed me." Jan Taylor, Public School Teacher and Visual Artist.

“My professor is passionate and energetic.” Eastern Michigan University Student, Modern Fundamentals 102

“From the first day of class, the positive energy was contagious! She (my professor) is always brimming with ideas.” Eastern Michigan University Student, Dance for the Elementary School Teacher, 220

“She has worked in the industry and really knows her stuff! While a lot of college is spent studying theory, I learned practical information- - how to be a better, smarter dancer, from my professor.” Wayne State University Student, Maggie Allesee Department of Theatre and Dance, Modern Dance 1010 for Major/Minor Students.

“I loved being part of Carnival of the Animals. It is one of the most unique dance pieces I have ever done! Though set to classical music, it has a very modern feel. Although young children usually have a hard time sitting through dance or music concert, I saw that during our performance, the audience was quiet and enjoyed it. It was captivating!” E. Hollenshead, performer, Pioneer High School, Ann Arbor MI, Graduate.

“The results are refreshingly excellent!" a satisfied customer.
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