Christina Sears-Etter

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Performances will be June 3 and 4, 7 pm both evening, 4 pm on Saturday. Reception Saturday at 5:00 pm. Ticket are available here or at the bookstore.

By Heide Otto, Board Member of People Dancing.

I have had the pleasure of watching the dancers rehearse in the People Dancing studio preparing for this event. Under the direction of Christina Sears-Etter, the performance will take place in the ally along side of the Serendipity book store in Chelsea, MI. This unique setting allows for creative staging that cannot  be duplicated.

Rebecca Zahm gives an emotional performance as she takes on the persona of Edith Piaf. Christina choreographed the solo, and she incorporates a piece of luggage into “Sparrows Nest”. The prop is a metaphoric representation for the “baggage” Edith carried with her throughout her life. During rehearsal, Rebecca reflected on how quickly the creative process took place for the development for the choreography. Rebecca is thrilled to portray the diversely complex character of Edith Piaf. Her talent as an actress along with her skill as a dancer makes Rebecca Zahm a wonderful chance to perform this emotionally moving piece.  “Sparrows Nest” created by Christina Sears-Etter, is performed during all three shows. 

The piece “Beatniks” was inspired by the Beat poetry movement. Audience might find similarities to “Cool” from Westside Story. Written, directed and performed by Christina, along with dancers Aisha Darnell and Cathy Taister. These three really know how to get the beat. Their playful interaction depicts a simpler time when the genre that Beatniks were named for was developing.  Cathy enjoys Christina’s “spirit of bubbly optimism”, which shines through during this performance.

This is a small sampling of what will be performed at SiteDance. Please visit the People Dancing’s web site,, or visit us on Facebook for details.

SiteDance@ Serendipity Books LLC, 113 W. Middle, Chelsea MI on June 3, at 7 PM and June 4, at 4 PM and 7 PM. There is be an opportunity for a meet and greet with performers on Saturday June 4, at 5 PM. Tickets are $12, and available at Serendipity or on-line.

Release by: Heide Otto, People Dancing board member.