Christina Sears-Etter

Exploring Interdisciplinary Art

July 1, 2019


How does Interdisciplinary art work? What is the difference between Multidisciplinary, Interdisciplinary and Transdisciplinary Art? This blog series will explore and discuss various interdisciplinary art practices. I consider my personal art aesthetic to be grounded in interdisciplinary practice. For example, my poems function musically (as much of poetry does) and often first appear as scores for performance.

One aspect which becomes clear is that Interdisciplinary Art is about the Juxtaposition of Artistic Components. For example, I want to share a bit about my Performative Poem XxxYZ. This poem was presented in EMU's Annual Conference of English Graduate Students in April of 2019. The elements are: a poetic text, costume changes, props, my voice, (as a kind of character actor playing the action of the poem,) and audience interaction.

I was very pleased that this piece was reviewed in the Eastern Echo, and that audience members laughed and participated with the content, both poetic and theatrical, of the performance event.

Here's the measure I used to determine that XxxYZ is indeed interdisciplinary. The elements of content can't be separated, and without all the elements, the piece can not exist. A poem only version is not the same as the performance of the poem.

I invite your thoughts, inquiries and polite comments. Thanks for reading!